WebSites  You can join To Earn Extra Money Without Getting a Part Time job! International (US,AU,NZ,UK,CA Plus)

I decided to write this blog post due to a ton of request from people wanting to make some money online.
SO here is my top 4 sites you can sign up for free to make some extra money!

Online Survey sites have been on the rage for a very long time.But the big question is ..are these sites even legitimate? do they actually pay? Can you really make money completing surveys online?

Well the reality is although there are some Scam survey sites out there today, If you join the right online survey sites and complete the surveys you will get paid, .. but you won’t be making MILLIONS. You could potentially make $1000 – $3000 per month (realistically) but it takes time and experience..

There are many people who made surveys looks scammy, but the truth is that you can make money, not a lot but it is absolutely possible.

So after doing a ton of research here’s a nice list of LEGITIMATE Survey sites that actually pays.
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SURVEY 1 – Tap here to open
This survey 1 site is a really good easy to use sit and is the one we highly recommend. This is an online community which is 100% Free to join and members are rewarded points and a lot of cash for completing surveys. The beauty of this site is that it has the lowest Minimum payout  currently set to $20 ( At the time of writing)

Visit Survey Site 1 

2 – Survey Site 2 – 100% Free To Join (

Survey Site 2 is a fairly famous Survey site that is designed a little different from the others. Points earned can be redeemed for different cards like Amazon and Starbucks and also make good money (payable by cash). What I like about this survey site is the ability to not only participate on the surveys but to be able to engage with the community and questions when doing surveys to learn new things. To signup for Survey Site 2. Click Here.


3. Survey Site 3 – 100% Free To Join (Highest Payout in the industry)

Survey Site 3 has been around for a long time too and offers actual cash payout to its members.  Survey Site 3 at the time of this writing has a minimum withdrawal of $50. What we like about Survey Site 3 is the variety of ways to earn money from reviewing products to completion of surveys. Very simple interface and they will pay you. They have one of the highest survey payout in the industry. You can Survey Site 3 by going here.

4. Survey Site 4 –  100% Free To Join (US Only)


Survey Site 4 has been around for a very long time and continue to evolve over time to provide more ways for people who want to make more money with surveys. What we like about Survey Site 4 is the nice startup bonus you get just for signing up. Survey Site 4 has a minimum payout threshold of $30 and they pay by check. To signup for Survey Site 4 Go Here.

We hope you found this list useful! Please remember to bookmark this page as we will be adding more to the list!

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