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Wordpress tutorial- The many uses of the Wordpress widget

WordPress- Utilizing The Text Widget

by Brandon Sean on October 5, 2010 · 0 comments

in Wordpress

Ok today I figured that I should have talked about this text widget a long time ago,I think this is probably the best widget yet,something so basic yet so very much used, definitely deserves a post/article by itself.

I had a few hostgator referrals of mine ask me how I got the banners, video and basically just everything that’s on the sidebars of my blog and I’m willing to bet that 99% of the time when someone new joins wordpress, this is the most common question asked. Well its all done using the WordPress text widget. It’s really not complicated at all!

For whatever reason, whether its to enhance your blogs looks, incorporate other unique stat counters, you name it. the text widget is pretty versatile and handy.

If your new reading this and you don’t have a clue how to insert these widgets. read here

So what can you do with  your text widget? Basically you can insert all HTML code and even Javascript(applies only to self hosted wordpress). Here are some of the uses of the text widget.

1) Insert plain text– or even HTML text with color Bold, Italic whatever.

2)Embed videos– using Youtube as an example, go to the video just grab the HTML code and simply paste it on the text widget and save and refresh the page it should appear.

3) Hypertext links– Sometimes you can use a combination of text and hypertextlinks. For example you can insert something like

“Go here to read more about WordPress

the WordPress is a hypertextlink , a clickable link that will direct you to the targeted URL

4)Images, graphics (sign up buttons, banners)– you see the side of this blog all the signup buttons, banners are all just simply done using the text widget.

5)Enter email/lead capture forms– you can insert those email capture forms(the HTML codes) you get from autoresponders such as Aweber,Getresponse and GVO e responder.

6)Embed your People search engine –Yes contrary to the text widgets description- Javascript works well but this only applies to self hosted WordPress.

So what if you don’t have any HTML skills to code them into , well no worries . Here’s a simple tip

Say for example you would like to embed a graphic image, go to the post section of wordpress upload the image and it will appear in the body of your post then change the view from “VISUAL” to “HTML” (located on the top right of the post  body)

and you will see everything in HTML format, just copy the code and paste it on the text widget , hit save and your done!

With this text widget, the sky is the limit! All the best with your WordPress blog!

Remember if you need help let me know!

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