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Wordpress- Best Blogging Platform

WordPress- Best Blogging Platform

by Brandon Sean on June 15, 2010 · 0 comments

in Wordpress

To call wordpress a blogging platform would not be 100% accurate. WordPress today is used in most websites. If your looking for ways to make Money Online and you would want to build a website of your own, WordPress is the best way to go.

But wait when I say WordPress I specifically mean self hosted WordPress blogs and not the free ones from WordPress.com

Here are some major reasons and difference from using a free WordPress and a self Hosted WordPress blog

1) WordPress.com is super strict when it comes to Affiliate links, I use to have a site with wordpress.com that has affiliate links in it and within days the wordpress.com blog got shut down.

2)With wordpress.com you cant fully customize your blog, a lot of functionality are limited for the free users. The most important of all I would argue is that you cant install WordPress Plugins which by the way is the bloodline of WordPress blogs. Plugins are simple additional functionality that enhances your blogs performance,usability etc. For example the share it Icon at the end of every page is done by a simple plugin which Took merely 10 seconds to install.

3) Just like any free blogging service, your at the risk of your site being taken down at anytime. You are the mercy of this free providers. In terms of branding as well, blogs with this sort of providers will have a  wordpress.com at the end of every. If your planning to separate yourself from the majority of bloggers a self hosted blog with your very own website/domain name will be great

For the reasons above. It is essential that you get a self hosted wordpress blog.

Wait so what exactly is a “self hosted” WordPress blog? A self hosted blog  is a blog hosted with a hosting company such as Hostgator.

Now that you know the difference between a free wordpress.com and a self hosted wordpress blog. Let’s look at why WordPress is the most prefered blogging platform.

1)Killer plugins– Notably WordPress is known for its Killer plugins which does almost all the work for you. An example would be the “All in one SEO” plugin which allows you  to add a title,description and keywords to every single page ,posts on your blog without needing to use the H1 tags. It can all be done within the wordpress Dashboard itself. There are a lot of plugins which previously require complex coding in your blog for it to work now made simple by plugins which takes just seconds to install

2) No Programming skills required-A person without HTML, CSS or PHP experience can set up a professional blog up and running in no time. A person like myself with very limited HTML experience is able to set up a wordpress blog like this without any HTML knowledge. It doesnt matter where you stand in your HTML, CSS or PHP knowledge, with WordPress you do not need any of those to set-up a professional blog.

3)Massive online resource– Most professional bloggers today use the wordpress platform for blogging, due to wordpress highly cuztomizable features and because of this reason, there are literally tons of tutorials on wordpress blogs on the internet. If you are very new to wordpress and have not even heard of wordpress before this, you’ll jump the learning curve with all the online tutorials on wordpress available to you for free.Personally it took me a good 20 minutes to just learn and somewhat I would say master wordpress.

4)Constant updates-Wordpress is constantly being updated, there is a huge community out there which uses WordPress.  If your aiming to be a professional blogger and you have chosen WordPress, you will find that you are automatically a step above other bloggers as most serious bloggers share tips on how to get more traffic, increase blog popularity ,etc, the discussion revolves around the WordPress blogging platform. Go to WordPress.org to get those free plugins and blog templates.

5) Backup and File Transfer-Backing up your files- from comments, to posts and pages can be done easily. Not only are you able to backup your blog’s contents easily, if you are planning to switch from a different blgging platform to wordpress, it can also be done. WordPress is Flexible enough to handle such transfers.

In conclusion

Creating a professional looking website or blog, efficiently with out spending money on getting professional help, with very little cost the best platform will be without a doubt be WordPress.  With the growing community of WordPress bloggers and the constant updates on Plugins and wordpress versions, there is no better reason to get wordpress. If you are very new to Blogging, and have no experience in HTML, this is not a problem as WordPress is built in such a way that you are not required to know any of this.  In the past ,building professional websites like this would take up alot of time,skills and ultimately money but with WordPress it has open a whole new world of opportunities for people like me and yourself reading this. WordPress has open doors for not only just bloggers but internet/ affiliate marketers around the world.

How to get a professional looking blog up and running in 20 minutes (or less)

1.) Installing wordpress -takes 5 minutes (Less if its done via Fantastico Deluxe)

2) Choosing a blog template – less than 30 seconds

3) Installing must have Essential plugins  ( Approximately 10 minutes)

Here are some links to help you get your very own Self hosted wordpress blog

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