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Thinking of Joining Sean Morrissy’s 1 on 1 Coaching Program? Please Read this first

Thinking of Joining Sean Morrissy’s 1 on 1 Coaching Program? Please Read this first

by Brandon Sean on February 8, 2012 · 0 comments

in 6 Month Sean Morrissy Coaching Program Journal

Ever since I started my coaching with Sean and started blogging about it, I do get people emailing me with lotsa of questions.  So let me address all the Questions here ( you will never find this anywhere else!)

1. How much am I making?

At the time of writing this , I’ve made 3 sales , not even $100 I think ( and Im not going to focus on this product for now) I’m pretty confident about my next product 🙂

2.How many hours do I spend doing this?

1 or 2 hours a day MAX ( remember I have a 9 to 5 job), I do have a life too you know , I hangout with friends, go for drinks and stuff 🙂 but on weekends I spend more hours on the pc, I spend hours online I watch videos, listen to music and do this at the same time, so I  cant really give you exactly how many hours a day. But it safe to say an hour to 2 hours a day on average 🙂

3. Is 3o minute per week skype calls enough?

YES more than ENOUGH! In fact the emails alone do the trick! Sean is very professional when it comes to replying emails and personally I prefer emails rather than calls because I could read his email again and again when I need to.

4. How much Money am I spending on top of the Coaching fees?

1 .Hosting (I already have a 3 year hosting plan with hostgator) but if your starting out, its  $0.01 for the first month and then $10/ month for a baby plan ( unlimited domains!)

2. Domain name- Buy it from Namecheap.com at about $10/ domain

3. Graphics – I just go to the WarriorForum and spend about $60 ish for a nice header and Ecover graphics

4.Pay Per Click- So far i’ve only spend about $28 on PPC and other advertisng methods that didn’t  get me any sales 😛

5. Listing your product on clickbank at $50 one time

5. Am I related to Sean?

lol no!  Yes my middle name is Sean but I’m not related to him !

If you’re planning to join Sean Morrisy’s coaching program, please remember the price as of 2012 has changed , back when I started it was at $5000 for 6 months, but now if i’m not mistaken ,its now slightly more expensive and Sean has upgraded the coaching to provide video tutorials as well.

Things To Consider.

#1 Technical know how required?

NO. You can be a complete idiot when it comes to “PC stuff” and still make it with this coaching program. Installing professional looking websites takes just minutes now with “WordPress” you dont need to touch any HTML or CSS codes, everything is just click and install. Very easy. I have even made a few videos here on my site on how to install wordpress. Today Internet marketing has become so much easier than it was once upon a time so don’t even worry about the technical stuff.

#2 Time

Ask yourself could you spend an hour or 2 a day to do this?If yes ! thats awesome. The more time the better obviously but an hour a day at least just for this is good enough. I sincerely believe that even if you have a full time job, you could definitely do this ( I’m living proof ) 😀

#3 Money

Yes you will need money, the more the better obviously, but exactly how much? Well just keep $2000 aside on top of the coaching fees and I think that is more than enough for a heck lot of things. You could potentially make that money back pretty quick once your product takes off 🙂 Currently I’m working on my second product and Im running on less than $1000 budget (this include graphics, domain name, SEO and product development), so let’s see how that goes 🙂 I’m confident I can make that money back despite the rather small budget.

My Personal Advice

Just take action and stay commited! that is all.  Sean’s coaching program is not some push button guru stuff and that is why its so powerful. You create your own products and keep all the money( in this case 92.5% of selling price minus $1 transaction fee when using Clickbank) and later if your product sells well, you’ll probably get affiliates working for you ! That to me is just awesome!

If you do plan to join Sean’s Coaching , drop me a pm or email me if you like. I have alot of stuff I didnt mention in  this blog . And I have something really special to tell you guys too 🙂 All I ask in return is for you guys to just leave a comment in my blog 😀




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