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My Niche website Challenge February day 1

My Niche website Challenge February day 1

by Brandon Sean on February 5, 2011 · 1 comment

in Niche Website Challenge

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So what is this challenge about And Why Am I Doing This?

This is the very first post to my very first self challenge to create money making niche websites within a given span of time. This is to prove to myself that I can do it if i set my priorities and be very disciplined about it. The goal is to hit at least $1000/month for all this micro niche websites.  Below is why I started this challenge

I’ve been gone for quite sometime not updating this little site of mine, but Its because I’ve been busy learning new ways to make money online, specifically on CPA and physical product offers.

After going through tons of Ebooks and quality Video courses , I’ve decided that i would really want to start really make a full time income from Internet marketing. (Dead serious about  it) I’ve decided to challenge myself and make it happen!

I ‘ve been going trough quite a number of courses on how to really built a full time income online.  Courses like Google Sniper by George brown, Dan brock’s Dead Beat Super Affiliate and well tons more really and the one way to really built a full timeincome business is by creating many niche sites( No secret there)

So I’ve created this little progress journal specifically for this. It will serve as a motivation for me to keep track of my progress.

Here is my goal by end of the month of February 2011.

1) 5 Micro niche sites created( today is already the 5th, So i have to create on average 1 site in 4 days!) And each site is monetized by either clickbank, pysical product affiliate programs or any CPA offers. These sites are thin affiliate sites and not authority sites.

My strategy

  1. I will find 5 different niches I want to promote and drill in deeper to get a micro niche ( at the time of writing this i already have 3 niches in mind)
  2. I will then use Market Samurai to perform my research targeting low to medium competition keywords which I think I can tackle.
  3. I will try to get Exact keyword matching domains for the keywords I got in Step 2 above and only take either .COM, .ORG or .NET domain name extensions.
  4. I will then add about 8 pages (minimum) per site  and complete the (about, Contact, Privacy policy in each of those sites)
  5. I will only begin SEO-ing/ Backlinking each site the moment it is completed

Expected cost Involved – Maximum cost

Each domain would cost about say $10  so thats 5 x10= $50 .

I may  want to outsource article creation at $8/ 400 word article so thats 8 actilces * $8 = $64/site* 5* $64 = $320 Total ( again this if incase I really want to outsource this)

Backlinking will depend on competition and since i have all the SEO tools I think i need I would say i will only spend about $100/site so that comes to about $500. But if I still dont rank as high I may end up spending more so again it depends.

Total Maximum cost $870 – As i mention I can probably save cost if i write my own articles, and at the same time I may end up spending more on SEO But we will see how it goes.

Exactly how much and When Do I expect to start earning from these Sites?

IdeallyI would like to earn $200/site every month(very pessimist earnings expectation here), so that will sum up to $1000/month for 5 of those sites and I expect at least 3 months before I start seeing earnings ( some people can see earnings within the first month, but I prefer to set a LOWER expectation)

My Thoughts on this.

It is very doable, but whether I earn or not is a whole different story, its a small risk to take In my opinion, and I don’t believe that none of the sites wont bring me money in the long run. Realistically speaking though some sites will be winners and some site wont even make a single dime but if at least one site can be a winner and bring in money, I could probably profit in the long run anyways.

I may want to do start building 5 micro niche sites/ month starting this month and repeat the process but I think I shall keep focus on  the 5 sites I created on February first and learn from those till i start earning before I become a super niche website churning machine 🙂

Lets not forget I’m also a college student pursuing a professional course and I am currently seeking a part time job for extra income and at the same time doing internet marketing. At this rate though i have been spending more time on internet marketing than anything else.

I will report my progress and update it here on a regular basis.

UPDATE 12Th february

Finally finish building my first micro niche site for this challenge, actually its about 80% done, I still need to add more content to the posts and the site is all set. The only thing now is traffic, but at this moment though I’m just rushing to complete 5 sites by end of the month but I will slowly begin SEO-ing those sites with free methods typically article marketing. After today I have 16 days to built another 4 more sites, thats an average of 1 site every 4 days. Currently I’m actually writing all the articles for my site myself to save some cost on outsourcing. Also I realise that I can actually fully complete a site within 2 days, about 6 hours plus total (including content creation). I have already done my niche research for the remaining 4 sites before I begun this challenge, using Market Samurai so i generally just need to built sites and gather content.

UPDATE 16th Feb

I’ve completed my second Niche website well about 60%, all is left is the articles. Again at this moment of time, I do not outsource  my articles, and ithink I will take more time today completing the articles for this site and the previous site.

OK now moving on to the 3rd site 🙂

I’ll keep updating my progress here

UPDATE 20th Feb

So I’ve completed my 3rd site,(well not really) Everything is done except the articles, I’ve even created the posts with the respective titles but with no Content. I also Blocked my sites from being searched by the Search engine. At this moment of time I’m experimenting a few things with the WordPress Themes because Im trying to make it look as professional as I can. Content creation can be outsourced later on and I’ll systematically add them to my sites once the articles are ready. I am getting pumped up by the fact that I’m in track with things but the next few days however, I will be slightly busy with other things, I’ll do my best.

Update 26th February

So I have partially completed my 4th site, Sadly this time i was not able to complete it even 50%, partially due to the fact I’ve been busy with other matters and I have another 2 days to complete another site.  Currently I haven’t even begin promoting any of sites in terms of SEO. I think I should really just start to focus on building a site and properly SEO optimizing it rather than trying to mass build sites, but I’ll still stick to my goal of completing 5 sites by end of February. March would be the month for heavy SEO works.

Update 28th Feb

Im updating this on the 3rd of March because I was quite busy with a few things . Anyways 5th site created, but aside from all the post titles created, there is no actual content, the header is completed and thats it. I am going to take the first week of March to 100% completely finish all 5 sites!


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sudha October 27, 2011 at 9:54 am

Great information. I found you blog on the warrior forum and so far you have offered nothing more than valuble content. Thanks bro! Im just starting out with niche sites. I picked an exact domain and within two hours of setting up my site it indexed and ranked 7 on the first page and then jumped to 4th and now back to 7th. Thats with only one 500 word article and no backlinks. Just a couple bookmarks and maby two relavent nofollow blog comments. Very strange but cool none the less. Cant wait for a post on a backlink strategy that works and is white hat. Peace man!

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