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Month 2 coaching program Sean Morissy

Month 2 Coaching progress Sean Morissy

by Brandon Sean on January 15, 2012 · 2 comments

in 6 Month Sean Morrissy Coaching Program Journal

Ok guys ,

I was suppose to update this post , i have finally listed my product on clickbank. I did some minor advertising and well no sales. And Im just starting to  think that this niche is abit hard to penetrate. ( I picked a niche that was although high in demand, it was mostly popular in Asia) and not the american market. So I think that was the problem here. (UPDATE: I still think this niche has a huge potential, one competitor on clickbank is doing pretty damn good)  but it will take abit more work to get sales , a bit more marketing especially on this somewhat competitive niche, I’ll get back to this niche abit later.( currently working on a smaller competition niche on a market that Sean recommended from the very beginning of coaching and I’m feeling pretty confident it will work! 🙂

Sean insisted from the very beginning to try another niche but I just wanted to give my earlier niche a shot.


As you all may have followed my posts on The Warrior forum. I was approached by an affiliate that had proposed to me a rather appealing offer . he wanted to be paid $10 for every sale he made via paypal on the day the sale was made. He told me he had  a few targeted niche sites and has a big lists of people  he gave me a lot of reasons why, saying that from countries like his cheques from clickbank get stolen etc etc.

We had a long conversation over emails and stuff. Initially i kept saying no, but then I just thought of giving it a shot.

I know it was fishy but I wanted to test and see for myself if was real and was only willing to pay up to 30 sales, and then will wait 60 days till payment. WELL GUYS ITS A SCAM. He did bring me roughly 30 sales i think and all the sales turnout to be fraudulent and my product was DElisted from clickbank market place ( working on getting it back on the marketplace) So yeah, if you do launch a cb product and was approached by scammy affiliates asking for payments in advance. no matter how trustworthy that person souns like, JUST DON’T.

For me it stings but it was a small price to pay and well the only person to blame was myself for believing in such stupid scam . You can call me a complete dumb idiotic moron, Im fine with that 😀


5/2/2012 Update My Product is back up since early February and I was surprised to see I actually made 3 genuine sales take a look at the screenshot 😉  My product sells at $37, after processing fees ‘ll get about $32.98

While i was busy working on my other product , I actually made 3 sales with my first product 😀 I didnt realise the sales were made until i decided to login to the other account! i was in shock and Happy 🙂   Cool feeling 😀

Although i would like to focus on this niche, i think I’ll get back to it later , currently im working on a niche with tons of potential , a niche Sean recommended 🙂


For now I’m sticking to establish niches that are proven to work 🙂 Sean is now getting me into a market which he first recommended to me and we are working on a sub niche to get into in Tomorrow’s skype session. I’m getting excited and motivated back again but I do have some small personal doubts, but I believe its just a phase until I see the first sale made!


Progress so far in Month 2

Got my product listed on Clickbank ( big deal for me!)

Actual Sales :3 sales 😀

What I’ve learned in Month 2

Picking a good established niche is important when your starting, don’t try to penetrate a niche that “you think” might work for now when you just started.. The key is to get your first product making money in a proven niche.

Also target a niche that american & europeans in general will buy!

My next product would be out waaay faster than my previous which took me nearly 2 months!!! I previously tried to perfect my product too long only to realise that I couldnt even make  a single sale!! so yeah that is horrible!

My problem was I feel was me not really taking Sean’s advice from the start, and I wanted things to work my way. He gave me solid advice  for example the niche that i chose VS what he first adviced and also the fact that he told me not to linger on making the product perfect until sales were made which I took  a month plus to create.

Anyways will keep you guys updated and will post here once I get my first sale ( feeling very confident in this new niche)

Please bookmark my site for on my progress 🙂




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Nickels January 18, 2012 at 5:53 am

I look forward to seeing how our new niche/product works out.

BrandonSean January 18, 2012 at 1:24 pm

Hey Nickels ,

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

yeah bookmark my site and I’ll keep you updated on my progress 🙂

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