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List Building Basics

List Building Basics

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by Brandon Sean on June 7, 2012 · 0 comments

in List Building/ Email Marketing

I’ve decided to create a post about making money with list building or email marketing.

As you already know, I’m now very big into list building( and will continue doing so for the rest of my life!). But what is List building you ask? List building is simply a process of adding email subscribers to your mailing lists. The process is simple, a subscriber enters their name and email in exchange for information ( normally a free Ebook) or promise of a certain update in the future.

Why Build A List?

A list is vital for any online business because each time you release a new product ( say for example a piece of software that helps improve your SEO rankings) that you will like people to know, simply  push a button to send that promotional email to your list and if they like it they can just purchase it. When you give p

Lets look in terms of numbers here

Taking the example above> Let’s say over the years you’ve collected in your website emails of people who are very interested in SEO and you have say 1000 people in your mailing lists. Now that you just launch your new seo software at $100 and send out an email to all of those 1000 people in your mailing list.

you have an open rate of 50% = 500 people opened your email

out of that 50% who opened your email 60% clicked the link to your offer ( the sales page of your seo software) = 300 people views your (sales page)

out of that 300 people  say 5% bought that software =  15 X $100 = $1500

you just mad $1500 with a push of a button sending those emails.. This is the only true push button money making system that exists..

If you don’t have a list, you will need to find traffic from scratch all over again.

The tool that people use to collect these emails is called an Auto Responder.

What is an Auto Responder?

An auto responder at is simplest is just a tool that sends out emails automatically. There are so many auto responder services out there. The one I use is Called Aweber and I highly recommend them

Main features of an auto responder

  • Collects name and emails from people who Opt in using the opt in form.
  • Send emails to thousands of people in your list
  • Send emails on a periodic basis – You upload a set of emails, and the Auto Responder sends those emails on a timely manner . For example First email goes out on day 1, Second email on Day 3 and so on.
  • List segmenting- You can have as many sub- lists as you want.  For example one list for dog training, another for dating.  This segmenting is good because you can choose which set of list you want your email to get sent to 🙂
  • Most auto responder services comes with a build in email template, like those professional big companies have. The fancy graphics  and all that

I love List Building because of the level of automation!

Auto responders run on 99% auto pilot!, set the emails once and the Auto Responder takes care of everything! As long as you have your emails uploaded, it will send out a sequence of emails at regular intervals.  The emails that I sent out are powerful authority type emails that helps build relationship and trust with my subscribers. Over time these subscribers will gain trust and confidence in me and eventually purchase a product that I pitch to them in the email.

You see most of the time when people land on your sales page thats offering a product or service, they may not make a purchase the first time round.. This is because people are not familiar with you yet. They have a “resistance” against you however with an auto responder email , they will slowly get rid of this resistance and eventually learn to trust you and believe in your recommendations and offers.

You need to first build  a relationship with them, give them more valuable information and then only offer them a product they might be interested in buying. For me An auto responder serves as a tool for building a relationship with my list more than an instant traffic money making machine. I am a firm believer that if you give people what they want, they will help you achieve what you want. If you want more sales, then give them value and genuinely show them how you can help with their problems.

In the internet marketing space, a lot of people are constantly bombarded with tons of promotional emails and get fed up of it very fast. I used to be in one of an internet marketing person’s list who continuously send me emails after emails with promotions and never once sent  “value” email and guess what I unsubscribed from him .

The 3 types of emails you will be sending to your subscribers

1) Information emails – These are emails that serves to give value to your subscribers, these are what I call relationship building emails. Here you do not pitch any offers whatsoever

2)Money emails – these are emails that serves for one purpose.. To sell and make money. These emails contains promotional offers only – You can send these type of emails to your list but DO NOT OVER DO IT!

3) Information + Money emails – here you educate your subscriber on the benefit of the offer and give them valuable information . You then do a soft sell pitching the offer.


How the big guys are making money with their list



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