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Article Marketing For Beginners

Article Marketing For Beginners

by Brandon Sean on September 12, 2010 · 0 comments

in Article Marketing

When it comes to “article marketing“, what is the first thing that comes in to mind?

Writing articles for marketing ..DUH. Well yes put it simple that’s how it works, the main reason for article marketing is to promote a website or a product with your affiliate link  in hopes for a sale. But that is just one of the main reason for article marketing, there are 2 main reasons for article marketing in my opinion,

1)An article made to WOW your readers and to actually make a sale.

This is an article where you write about a product your promoting, with great detail, high quality articles with lots of information for your readers, you can find these form of articles in websites such as Squidoo.com and Hubpages.com. These are articles made to get the readers all fired up and purchase the product your promoting directly from that article. I will not get too much indetail about this for this post. I want to focus on the next  form of article marketing below.

2) An article written for the sole purpose of getting “Backlinks”

The majority of articles on the internet falls into this category, and this is where I focus my efforts  into. Now before anything let me explain to you what a “backlink” means. Put it simple it is a link pointing back to your website. These backlinks are important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), in general the more backlinks you have to your website, the higher it will rank in the search engines. The goal here is to write as many articles and submit them to as many article directories(tons of them) to create more backlinks to your website. The key here is to write informative articles to provide content for these article directories. If the article is too promotional it would get rejected from these directories. Think of it this way, the article directories always seek fresh new contents, and in return for proving your content, your given some juicy backlink back to your websites!

Remember the main purpose of this articles is to get more backlinks (for the search engines to see) rather then for human readers but that doesn’t mean you should just spam articles that doesn’t make sense, you still need the approval of these article directories.

Let me get into the anatomy of an article of this category.

An article consists of

1) The Title – this is the title itself
2) Article body – The contents of the article, this is where all the content is written typically 350 – 500 words
3)Author’s Resource Box – This is where you insert a backlink to your website (Very important)

Let us focus our attention on the Author’s Resource Box. An author’s resource box is a brief explanation of yourself plus you can include  up to  3 links to your website(this varies depending on each article directories) A resource box tends to be written in a 3 ‘rd person view. Next you’ll need to create anchor text to your websites rather then just a link like  makemoneyonlinerush.com, you’ll need to make it a clickable link with the targeted keywords of your choice, for example  The money making blog (clicking this hyperlink) will bring you to MakeMoneyOnlineRush.com . It is so extremely important that you use anchored text because anchored text helps tell the search engine what that link is all about.  An extreme example of how anchor text works. Google “Click here” and you will see that Adobe ranks on the first page because of the massive number of “click here” links pointing to Adobe

Creating an anchor text is easy! In each article directory there is a field to insert the author’s resource box that accepts HTML code. If  you for example want to create an anchor text with the words “My money blog”  that links to http://makemoneyonlinerush.com/ you would insert the code like this  <a href=”http://makemoneyonlinerush.com/“>My Money Blog</a>  and when you preview your article it would have a link like this My Money Blog

A typical Resource Box  will look like this:

The author of this article specializes on Making Money Online and has a very well regarded blog on ways to make money online.  To learn tips and tricks on making money online visit the Money Making Blog for more good stuff.

Just visit ezinearticles.com and read some of the articles and you’ll get the whole idea instantly 😀


1. Your resource box does not have to target the keywords as your article,  so you can write an article about say “Internet marketing” but your resource box targets keywords relating to “Adsense” It is perfectly acceptable. Knowing this alone is a time saver! You don’t have to deliberately churn out articles exactly related to your targeted keywords.

2. Spin your articles,Spinning simply means changing the words of your article,( you can’t just create one article and submit them to various sites) it is advisable to spin your articles as some high ranking article directories only accept articles with a certain degree of uniqueness. The article directories have their ways of checking and trust me they are efficient in doing so especially Ezinearticles.com

3. If you want to rank high on the search engine, try keywords that are less competitive, diving into the weight loss niche is just plain silly. For beginners start off with long tail keywords. I will make a post on this soon exactly how to get rank high for long tailed keywords.


Once you get used to submitting articles and you see for yourself that article marketing works the next step  is to start using paid methods to get your articles submitted. trust me it is worth every single penny using paid methods, your articles get submitted to almost everywhere on the net and the amount of exposure you’ll get is insane. In the world of internet marketing and making money online, the experts have all sorts of tools to make things to be as automated as possible and article marketing is no exception.

Here is some steps to take once you want to take it to the next level.

1) Use article submitters software or tools that will submit your articles to tons of directories and the one I like to use is this one
2) Use article spinning tools that will save you a heck lot of time, what I like to use is this Article Spinner
3) Hire someone to write those articles for you, go to websites like Freelance.com you can get articles for as low as $2 per article!

Heres a small list of Article Directories you can start submitting your articles to. There is no charge for any of the submissions, simply create an account and begin submitting. There are tons of article directories out there if you use the right tools you would be able to submit all this articles on the net.

  1. ezinearticles.com (Most popular one)
  2. articlesbase.com
  3. goarticles.com
  4. articlecity.com
  5. articledashboard.com
  6. isnare.com
  7. amazines.com
  8. articlesfactory.com

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